“The medium is the message” is a statement by Marshall McLuhan which was introduced in his book 'Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man'. McLuhan believed that the introduction of new technologies into society has a determining effect on the organization of that society, the perceptions of its members, and the way in which knowledge and information are stored and shared.

Design Concept

The design is an accordion-folded book with excerpts of the text from Marshall McLuhan's "Medium is the Message". Technology's rapid evolution, especially the past few years has dramatically impacted how we communicate, tipping the scales toward the medium. The theme of the design explains the evolution of phones dating back to 1984’s Motorola DynaTac 8000x to smartphones. It features the personal and social consequences of the smartphone, a new technology that emerged in the last decade, following the framework of McLuhan’s way to analyze media. How we shape our tools and the way they shape us.